Media Quotes 2009

 Clear, well measured vocals

“Jo Philby has chosen a broad selection of her favourite songs from the folk tradition and really made them her own with clear, well measured vocals and a sensitive, uncluttered approach to instrumental accompaniment.  

This is a recording Jo can certainly be proud of!” 

Emily Smith, Scots Singer of the year 2009


Her sheer delighting in and love of the obvious throughout this recording..

“Jo Philby's debut album 'Saltwater and Stone' is  a treasure trove of carefully chosen songs from the living well of folk music. Jo's sweet singing is a pleasure to listen to in any weather, her sheer delighting in and love of songs and singing them is obvious throughout this recording.
Jo has managed to gather around herself sensitive musicians who share her understanding of the songs and the music which, as part of everyday life, enrich our experience of the world and can serve to lift us above and yet further into the ordinary. Saltwater and Stone is a gem that will not tarnish in salt water nor be worn out by stone." 
  Ger Wolfe singer/songwriter  

Life on Orkney has imbued her voice..

“Jo’s growing interest in folklore and her interpretation of the songs has always been a pleasure to witness.

Life on Orkney has imbued her voice with all the passion and vitality that comes from a life surrounded by sea. The purity of the ocean washes through the songs she has chosen for this recording and adorns them with the precious jewels of her environment. I am proud to have played a small part in it”.

Sara Daniels Singer/songwriter                                         


I'll be listening to Jo's CD many times..

“On hearing Jo Philby’s CD Saltwater & Stone, I couldn’t believe that she’s waited so long to produce her debut album! The songs are so well chosen for Jo’s beautiful voice, and truly evocative of the Orkney Islands where she lives. Other artists who accompany Jo on the album also live on the islands, and the arrangements are superb. My favourite song has to be Follow the Heron at the moment, but this could change as I’ll be listening to her CD many times!”  

Ali O’Brien - Sounds of Folk presenter, Oldham Community Radio; Director, Saddleworth Folk Festival


Probably the best female CD I have been sent for a long time...

“I can’t stop playing your CD. It is probably the best female CD that I have been sent for a long time. You have progressed to become a wonderful singer and the production is outstanding”- Mike Peach, Anchor Folk Club, Byfleet


There is wonder, radiance & soul in this collection of songs...

“I think ‘Saltwater & Stone’ has managed to capture a pail full of these islands’ special magic, it may be the closest one can get to bottling whatever it is that is Orkney.

This whole project: the immaculate design of the album sleeve, the painstaking choice of songs, through to the talented compliment of contributing musicians and the polished studio production has, more than anything else, been realised because of the intense passion and commitment that Jo has to traditional song. Nothing this beautiful is easily won. There is wonder, radiance and soul in this collection of songs and I feel they have been given life by a very special voice.

The CD is out now and is already receiving praise and radio play. Go purchase, cajole or otherwise track down by any means available this lovely album.  Keep it with your stones from the beach in the drawer of your Orkney chair…

Mike Fairbairn - Musician